Commercial & Residential Painting

Pace Painting has the passion for colour, which helps us to affect the mood and environment of every home and commercial properties we work on. past 20 years the homes have come in all shapes and sizes from country shacks and modest family homes to contemporary mansions and seaside villas. Each is a different challenge but one that we value, is our skills to bring out each homes unique personality. If you run a business, you understand how important first impressions are to winning new clients and boosting company performance. If the exterior of your building isn’t representing your business well, then it’s time to call Pacer Painting. Commercial projects start out with an initial free estimate, where we assess your job and provide you with a reasonable quote to complete the work. Once you sign a contract we can move forward with your plans – or you can take advantage of our free professional colorist, who will evaluate your space and provide color recommendations to choose from. Pace painting is the preferred painter for many commercial and residential clients in Perth . For 28+ years we have provided top-quality painting and decorating services, in the process becoming the trusted provider for some of the biggest companies and institutions in Perth. We maintain strong relationships with our clients by consistently delivering timely, high-quality solutions that provide good value for money. Each of our commercial painters in perth has at least 25 years experience and understand the importance of professionalism on the job. We take every measure to complete work on time and with as little disruption to our clients as possible and we offer after-hours work if required to ensure that this is the case. As well as specialising in all aspects of residential painting and decorating, we provide a range of commercial services in perth including epoxy flooring, lead management, interior and exterior fitouts, graffiti removal and strata work. Fully insured and licensed, our team observe the highest safety standards at all times, given our clients’ peace of mind. Contact pace painting for all your painting and decorating needs or for more information


Interior & Exterior Painting

Pace Painting has the passion for colour, which helps us to affect the mood and environment of every home and commercial properties we work on. past 20 years the homes have come in all shapes and sizes from country shacks and modest family homes to contemporary mansions and seaside villas. Each is a different challenge but one that we value, is our skills to bring out each homes unique personality. Interior paint can completely transform the look and feel of your home, and Tony Pace Pinting Services is your trusted partner for this important home improvement project. Maybe you have your own idea for the project – a touch up, a new color, a completely new vision. If that is the case, we can meet to discuss your idea and give you a free quote for our services. The exterior of your house is exposed constantly to the elements, to the sun, the rain, the heat and cold, what keeps your house in good condition is it’s paint. Every 7 years your house needs to be painted to make sure that it will be protected from the elements. While it is often one of those jobs that people forget about, it’s exactly this reason why many buildings are in need of repair due to rotten timber which becomes costly to rectify. A new lick of paint not only helps to protect, it can also help make an old space seem completely fresh and new again. It makes you feel uplifted and very happy to be “in the space”. A new colour for the walls, trim all doors can completely change the character of a room or a house. We redevelop many homes, many for resale, and we ALWAYS repaint as it ADDS VALUE!

Architrave & Skirting Board Painting

Gorgeous, glossy skirting boards, door frames, windows, cupboards or doors are the devilish details which transform a good paint job into something truly special. Slapping on a coat of left-over wall paint – or worse, ceiling white – is simply not going to give you both the beauty and durability that hard-wearing, designated trim paint guarantees. It is absolutely worth taking the time and effort to perfect this part of your painting project. You will regret the couple of hours saved when you have to stare at chipped window frames or flinch every time Junior uses your skirting boards as the finish line in his toy car race.

How to paint skirting boards
  • Freshly painted skirting boards adds the finishing touch to any room.

  • Pick your colour. As a general rule, your skirting boards should follow the same colour tone as your walls. Darker skirting boards will give your space a more modern, contemporary feel, while lighter colours will help make small rooms appear larger. If you’re still unsure, play *it safe and choose a crisp, pure white.

  • Choose your brush. For most skirting boards, a two-inch (5cm) brush is ideal. If you’re using a water-based paint, be sure to use one with synthetic bristles.

  • Sand your surface. This allows the paint to bond and prevent future chipping. Use a soft dry brush to remove loose paint and dust.

  • Create a clean base. If your boards are chipped or dirty, give them a good clean with a solution of mild soap and water (washing-up liquid or sugar soap works perfectly).

  • Tape up your edges. Applying masking tape around the edge of the floor will help you to create clean lines with a professional finish. If your floor is carpeted, press the edge of the tape down with a blunt edged tool. This will ensure the paint doesn’t ‘creep’ under the tape.

  • Start painting. Work the paint into the brush up to about half of the bristles, wipe away the excess paint and cut in to the top of the skirting first, applying the paint evenly and working in sections about a metre long. Always make your final stoke of the brush along the length of the board.

  • Apply a second coat. You should give solvent-based paint 24 hours to dry but water-borne paint takes less time, so follow the advice on the can before applying your second coat. There’s no need to sand between coats.

  • Remove the tape. Once the second coat is fully dry, carefully remove the masking tape. If the carpet has been masked, push down the edge of the tape to “break” the seal before removing it to unveil your perfectly painted skirting boards.


Drywall & Plaster Repairs

Repairing medium to larger sized holes in plaster and drywall isn’t quite as difficult as one might think. Wall and ceiling repair patches made from fiberglass and perforated aluminum are excellent solutions that help to get the job done in just a few simple steps.

How to paint skirting boardsDrywall & Plaster Repairs Steps:
  • Measure area of plaster wall that’s loose or damaged and needs to be replaced.
  • Cut a drywall patch slightly larger than the damaged wall section.
  • Hold drywall patch against plaster wall, and mark its outline with utility knife.
  • Using a utility knife, score the plaster along the patch outline.
  • Pry off the loose plaster with a painter’s tool; clean up the debris.
  • Set the drywall patch against the wall and secure it with 1 ¼-inch drywall screws.
  • Cover the seams around the patch with adhesive-backed nylon joint tape.
  • Apply a thin coat of joint compound to the taped seams and to screw heads.

  • Allow compound to dry, then sand lightly with 150-grit sandpaper.
  • Apply a second, slightly wider coat of joint compound to the seams.

  • Allow second coat of compound to dry; sand with 150-grit sandpaper.

  • Apply a third, even wider coat of joint compound to the seams.

  • Smooth dried compound with 320-grit sandpaper.

  • Finish the wall with a coat of primer and two paint topcoats.

Feature Wall Painting

A feature wall is a great way to pull focus in a room and create a room ingredient to write home about. After all, they don’t call it “feature” wall for nothing. Also known as an accent wall, this design trick is all about taking a blank wall and embellishing it with unusual textures, bold colours, a powerful print or treasured mementoes. In the past, colour alone was often used on a feature wall to create something different, but now you can also add a raw texture or a bit of glimmer to give a feature wall a little more personality.

The Dulux Design Effects Collection has a wide range of textures and effects to help create your own design statement. The options are endless!
  • Warmth/Natural Textures : 

    Stone Effect / Suede Effect

  • Glamour/Metallic Touches : 

    Gold Effect / Metallic Effect

  • Fun Kid’s Room Addition : 


  • Industrial Touches : 

    Concrete Effect / Metal Shimmer Effect

  • Textured/Weathered Look : 

    Rust Effect / Copper Patina Effect

  • Theatre Room : 

    Theatre Black


Decorated Finishes

Using time-honored techniques and applied with authentic artisans’ trowels, our Polished Plaster/Venetian plaster can recreate a stunning Italian stucco feel in an ultra-contemporary setting. The fine polished plaster effect – only 1mm thick – brings a vivid luster to surfaces and looks equally superb on plasterboard, MDF, solid hard plaster or previously unpainted surfaces.

Texture Coatings

Textures add depth and dimension like no other wall coating. They are perfect for enhancing a specific architectural style, or evoking the natural beauty of sand, marble or stone. Whether you’re building a new home, renovating an existing property or adding an extension onto your house, we can help you realize your vision. At Texture Coating Qld, we deliver outstanding results for residential and commercial clients throughout Australia.


Restorations & Renovations

A new, functional and period style bathroom in a 1926 historically listed house in Ballarat. This full bathroom renovation was into solid brick walls, which were rebuilt, services were installed, walls were rendered then tiled. There are lots of project shots in our photo gallery. Click on the picture to go to our gallery for more photos of this bathroom.

Choosing Pace Painting Constructions means that you’re choosing a single professional company that can take your home restoration from concept to completion.

We offer a complete range of restoration and renovation services including:
  • Initial Consultation

  • Design, Planning and Blueprints

  • Structural Engineering Consultation

  • Wall Removal

  • External wall and roof restoration

  • Flooring and wall restoration

  • Outdoor Entertaining Areas

  • Kitchen, Bathroom and Living Space Renovation

  • Project Management